These are the Final team orders for 2019/20 season , playing in the wrong team order will incur penatly points are set out in the rules.

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Team Name League Postion Name
Boston Weekend 1 Adam Hildred
Boston Weekend 2 Ady Proctor
Boston Weekend 3 Oliver Cawston
Boston Weekend 4 Mujeeb Pervez
Boston Weekend 5 Matt Cawston
Boston Weekend 6 Matt Dickens
Boston Weekend 7 Shameer Khan
Boston Weekend 8 Pete Andrews
Boston Weekend 9 Kelvin Limb
Boston Weekend 10 Sam Proctor
Boston Weekend 11 Gregg Cawston
Boston Weekend 12 Jack Sellars
Boston Weekend 13 Davydas Venckus
Boston Weekend 14 Dan Hilman
Boston Weekend 15 Nathan Stopper
David Lloyd A Weekend 1 1. Ross Little
David Lloyd A Weekend 2 2. Breton Towler
David Lloyd A Weekend 3 3. Jason Revill
David Lloyd A Weekend 4 4. Graham Crawford
David Lloyd A Weekend 5 5. Andy Neesham
David Lloyd A Weekend 6 6. Justin Revill
David Lloyd A Weekend 7 7. Richard Burge
David Lloyd A Weekend 8 8. Nick Prowse
David Lloyd B Weekend 1 Daryl Pearce
David Lloyd B Weekend 2 Ben Morrison
David Lloyd B Weekend 3 Steve Hudson
David Lloyd B Weekend 4 Andrew Ponder
David Lloyd B Weekend 5 Jason Kitchen
David Lloyd B Weekend 6 Dave Jones
David Lloyd B Weekend 7 George Stanley
David Lloyd B Weekend 8 Will Cawte
David Lloyd B Weekend 9 Adam Lavington
David Lloyd B Weekend 10 Rob Ferguson
David Lloyd B Weekend 11 John Multryan
Deans C Weekend 1 Connor Marsden 
Deans C Weekend 2 Elliott Marsden 
Deans C Weekend 3 Nick Green 
Deans C Weekend 4 Pete Marsden 
Deans C Weekend 5 Iain O'May 
Deans C Weekend 6 Seb O'May 
Deans C Weekend 7 Ella Grogan 
Deans C Weekend 8 Charlotte O'May 
Deans C Weekend 9 Tom Mathew
Deans A Weekend 1 Tom Awdry
Deans A Weekend 2 Harry Burr
Deans A Weekend 3 James Carter
Deans A Weekend 4 Greg Carter
Deans A Weekend 5 Rui Guerra
Deans A Weekend 6 Tom Bird
Deans A Weekend 7 Chris Smith
Deans A Weekend 8 Luke Halliwell
Deans B Weekend 1 Alex Grogan 
Deans B Weekend 2 Charlie Jubbs
Deans B Weekend 3 John Warrener 
Deans B Weekend 4 Simon Knaggs 
Deans B Weekend 5 Andy Booth
Deans B Weekend 6 Nigel Jubbs
Deans B Weekend 7 Iain Jubbs
Deans B Weekend 8 Vinny Knaggs
Deans B Weekend 9 Elliot Skinner
Eastgate E Weekend 1 Ryan Bond
Eastgate E Weekend 2 Liam Barratt
Eastgate E Weekend 3 Charlotte Kirkwood
Eastgate E Weekend 4 Oliver Hughes
Eastgate E Weekend 5 Harry Woodhead
Eastgate E Weekend 6 Matt Peach
Eastgate E Weekend 7 James Luton
Eastgate G Weekend 1 Pete Dickinson
Eastgate G Weekend 2 Neil Carlin 
Eastgate G Weekend 3 Chris Martin
Eastgate G Weekend 4 Richard Ashby
Eastgate G Weekend 5 Jarek Grebenik
Eastgate G Weekend 6 Jack Parr
Eastgate G Weekend 7 Daniel Bryden
Eastgate G Weekend 8 Chris Pimm
Eastgate G Weekend 9 Adam Bradshaw
Eastgate C Weekend 1 Paul Warner
Eastgate C Weekend 2 David Boothroyd
Eastgate C Weekend 3 Spencer Beresford
Eastgate C Weekend 4 Hugh Bochel
Eastgate C Weekend 5 Ryan Glover
Eastgate C  Weekend 6 Mike Brown
Eastgate C Weekend 7 Ben Taylor
Eastgate C Weekend 8 Martin Stannard
Eastgate C Weekend 9 Danny Melville
Eastgate C Weekend 10 Chris Wright
Horncastle A Weekend 1 Domonic Price
Horncastle A Weekend 2 Oscar Hill
Horncastle A Weekend 3 Danny Wells
Horncastle A Weekend 4 Graham Wallis
Horncastle A Weekend 5 Gareth Gill
Horncastle A Weekend 6 Jake Fountain
Horncastle A Weekend 7 Martin Wells
Horncastle A Weekend 8 Mick Poole
Horncastle B Weekend 1 Katie Wells
Horncastle B Weekend 2 Rob Cunningham
Horncastle B Weekend 3 Marcus Walmsley
Horncastle B Weekend 4 Rob Jaines
Horncastle B Weekend 5 Ollie Fixter
Horncastle B Weekend 6 John Zielenski
Horncastle B Weekend 7 Simon Grant
Horncastle B Weekend 8 Lewis Cheetham
Horncastle B Weekend 9 Chris Cave
Horncastle B Weekend 10 Matt Griffin
Horncastle C Weekend 1 Jack Hughes
Horncastle C Weekend 2 Dan Freeman
Horncastle C Weekend 3 Tom Dixon
Horncastle C Weekend 4 Jason Tingle
Horncastle C Weekend 5 Josh Inman
Honcastle C Weekend 6 Rob Ashworth
Horncastle C Weekend 7 Matt Neal
Horncastle D Weekend 1 Bob Taylor
Horncastle D Weekend 2 Seb Taylor
Horncastle D Weekend 3 Joe Robinson
Horncastle D Weekend 4 Mike Rizan
Horncastle D Weekend 5 Nic Rees
Horncastle D Weekend 6 Kim Bark
Horncastle D Weekend 7 Stuart Greenfield
Horncastle D Weekend 8 Kenny Mason
Horncastle D Weekend 9 Tim Wilkinson
Horncastle D Weekend 10 Tim Verdon
Horncastle D Weekend 11 Matt Rose
Horncastle D Weekend 12 Paul Bargh
Horncastle D Weekend 13 James Marshall
Horncastle D Weekend 14 Robert Trives
Horncastle D Weekend 15 Jack Parish
Lindum A Weekend 1 Wes elcock
Lindum A Weekend 2 Alex bendy
Lindum A Weekend 3 Ollie Lowe
Lindum A Weekend 4 Oliver Blanchard 
Lindum A Weekend 5 Tom Miller
Lindum A Weekend 6 Polly Roylance 
Lindum B Weekend 1 Rishabh Gupta
Lindum B Weekend 2 George Burkitt
Lindum B Weekend 3 Otto Jawhir
Lindum B Weekend 4 Eshan Uttarwar
Lindum B Weekend 5 Sam Corkin 
Lindum B Weekend 6 Sandeep Reddy
Lindum B Weekend 7 Louis Sadler
Lindum C Weekend 1 Micheal Reddish 
Lindum C Weekend 2 Paul Smith 
Lindum C Weekend 3 Gary Luff
Lindum C Weekend 4 Glen Barnaby 
Lindum C Weekend 5 John Marshall
Lindum C Weekend 6 James Arrend 
Lindum C Weekend 7 Bill Moran
Lindum C Weekend 8 Karl Fidoe 
Lindum H Weekend 1 Robert Starkey 
Lindum H Weekend 2 Stephen Belcher 
Lindum H Weekend 3 Sean Belcher
Lindum H Weekend 4 Mick Carling 
Lindum H Weekend 5 Karl Fidoe 
Lindum H Weekend 6 Lee Stocks 
Lindum H Weekend 7 Kyle Jamieson 
Lindum H Weekend 8 Mark Taylor
Lindum H Weekend 9 Abby Davy
Meg A Weekend 1 Dan Carlile
Meg A Weekend 2 Ben Mearns
Meg A Weekend 3 Alex Booth
Meg A Weekend 4 Aaron Walker
Meg A Weekend 5 Neil Gridley
Meg A Weekend 6 Graeme Pembery
Meg A Weekend 7 Phil Brunt
Meg A Weekend 8 Mick Sowden
Meg B Weekend 1 John Booth
Meg B Weekend 2 Mark Kay
Meg B Weekend 3 Jarryd Adamson
Meg B Weekend 4 Wayne Scott
Meg B Weekend 5 Dave Elkington
Meg B Weekend 6 Ellis Karran
Meg B Weekend 7 James Karran
Meg B Weekend 8 Brian Johnson
Meg C Weekend 1 Andrew Bell
Meg C Weekend 2 Phil Bowler
Meg C Weekend 3 Dan Stamford
Meg C Weekend 4 Jason Rance
Meg C Weekend 5 Andrew Durrell
Meg C Weekend 6 Marchell Moos
Meg C Weekend 7 Nathan Maggs
Meg C Weekend 8 Nick Ward
Meg C Weekend 9 Sam Darling
Meg D Weekend 1 Mark Stamford
Meg D Weekend 2 Scot Copsey 
Meg D Weekend 3 Nick Allen 
Meg D Weekend 4 Simon Fenwick 
Meg D Weekend 5 Neil Reynolds 
Meg D Weekend 6 Andy Foster 
Meg D Weekend 7 Ian Kirkby 
Meg D Weekend 8 Paul Allison
Meg E Weekend 1 Jack Buckley
Meg E Weekend 2 Owen Harcombe
Meg E Weekend 3 Harry Shaw
Meg E Weekend 4 Pat Critchlow 
Meg E Weekend 5 Paul Turner
Meg E Weekend 6 jerry Parr 
Meg E Weekend 7 James Riseborough
Meg E Weekend 8 Ian Hicks
Meg E Weekend 9 Shaun Pearce
Meg E Weekend 10 Keelan Pearce
Meg E Weekend 11 Graham Hansard
Meg E Weekend 12 John Huxtable
Meg E Weekend 13 Ann Davis
Meg F Weekend 1 Jason Brown
Meg F Weekend 2 Kev Knott
Meg F Weekend 3 Garrie Darling
Meg F Weekend 4 Tony Woods
Meg F Weekend 5 Mick Deakin
Meg F Weekend 6 Andy Miles
Meg F Weekend 7 Dave Hodgson
Meg F Weekend 8 Matt Andrews
Meg F Weekend 9 Dan Copsey
Ruston B Weekend 1 George Gregory
Ruston B Weekend 2 Dean Hiatt
Ruston B Weekend 3 Charlie Hooton-Smith
Ruston B Weekend 4 Steve Bell
Ruston B Weekend 5 Mark Chester
Ruston B Weekend 6 Matt Everett
Ruston B Weekend 7 Gary Herrick
Ruston B Weekend 8 Stuart Marsland
Ruston B Weekend 9 Phil Hiatt
Ruston E Weekend 1 Dan Hebert
Ruston E Weekend 2 Russ Watkins
Ruston E Weekend 3 Shaun Bradley
Ruston E Weekend 4 Alan Smith
Ruston E Weekend 5 Elliott Smith
Ruston  Weekend 6 Harry Reedman
Ruston E Weekend 7 Gary Clarke
Ruston E Weekend 8 Andy Bland
Ruston E Weekend 9 Andy Reedman
Ruston E Weekend 10 Roger Vickers 
Ruston E Weekend 11 Loz Hayes
Ruston E Weekend 12 Graham Bond
Ruston F Weekend 1 Cathy Kennedy
Ruston F Weekend 2 Nathan Sarti
Ruston F Weekend 3 Mark Sutton
Ruston F Weekend 4 Lawrence Dickens
Ruston F Weekend 5 Paul Herrick
Ruston F Weekend 6 John Astleford
Ruston F Weekend 7 Stu Loughton
Ruston F Weekend 8 Scott Mottram
Ruston F Weekend 9 Peter Syrat
Ruston F Weekend 10 Luke Lovell
Ruston F Weekend 11 Michael Braithwaite
Ruston F Weekend 12 Matt Jench
Ruston F Weekend 13 Ricci Desai
Ruston F Weekend 14 John Smith
Ruston F Weekend 15 Neil Kershaw
Ruston A Weekend 1 Nigel List
Ruston A Weekend 2 Nigel Freeman
Ruston A Weekend 3 Alan Newton
Ruston A Weekend 4 John Batey
Ruston A Weekend 5 Kevin Humphreys
Ruston A Weekend 6 Jimmy Wray
Ruston A Weekend 7 Philip Ryland
Ruston D Weekend 1 Adrian Bower
Ruston D Weekend 2 Stuart Robson
Ruston D Weekend 3 Craig Bell
Ruston D Weekend 4 Dan Ullyatt
Ruston D Weekend 5 Ant Angus
Ruston D Weekend 6 Phil Allis
Ruston D Weekend 7 Dave Cocking
Ruston D Weekend 8 Tim Cook
Ruston D Weekend 9 Daron Smith
Ruston D Weekend 10 Mike Norman
Ruston D Weekend 11 Mark Nolan
Eastgate D Weekend 1 Simon Jackson
Eastgate D Weekend 2 Chris Swindin
Eastgate D Weekend 3 Ian Newton
Eastgate D Weekend 4 Jason Crook
Eastgate D Weekend 5 James Cook
Eastgate D Weekend 6 Ben Hicks
Eastgate D Weekend 7 Richard Donnerstag
Eastgate D Weekend 8 Kevin Taylor
Eastgate D Weekend 9 Chris Thompson
Eastgate D Weekend 10 Steve Freeman
Eastgate D Weekend 11 Graham West
Eastgate D Weekend 12 Nick Rossington
Eastgate D Weekend 13 Andy Sanders
Eastgate D Weekend 14 John Hebb
Eastgate D Weekend 15 Alex Sanders
Lindum J Weekend 1 Fran Wallis
Lindum J Weekend 2 Paul Hulance
Lindum J Weekend 3 Carolyn Roylance 
Lindum J Weekend 4 Oli Henderson
Lindum J Weekend 5 Will Neesham
Lindum J Weekend 6 Sam Warburton
Lindum J Weekend 7 Harvey Hulance
Lindum J Weekend 8 Archie Hulance
Lindum J Weekend 9 Toby Russon
Lindum J Weekend 10 Ted Gogerty
Lindum J Weekend 11 Rachel Neesham
Eastgate F Weekend 1 Chris Kipling
Eastgate F Weekend 2 Matt Neesham
Eastgate F Weekend 3 Mike Bond
Eastgate F Weekend 4 Steve Borsberry
Eastgate F Weekend 5 Alex Rook
Eastgate F Weekend 6 Nige Rogers
Eastgate F Weekend 7 Kev Monaghan
Eastgate F Weekend 8 Lynn Turner
Eastgate F Weekend 9 Mark Hughes
Eastgate F Weekend 10 Nick Straw