Cup dates this season will be on these W/C dates :

W/C 22/11/21 CUP Week1
W/C 21/02/22 CUP Week2
W/C 14/03/21 CUP Week3
W/C 18/04/22 Cup Week 4

Scoring will be Par scoring to 11 points  - sudden death at 10-10

Teams should check for home clashes and arrange and advise please 

Use this link to register any queries

21. Weekend League Cup Knockout format

Scoring will be Par scoring to 11 points  - sudden death at 10-10

Entry is automatic, All Teams will play in one competition, scoring will be handicapped per league status and updated each season. Games will be best of 5. A player has to play three or more weekend league games before they can play in the final of the team knockout. Players may play up only ONCE in the cup competition. Each round will be re-drawn
Each round will be scheduled in to a week during the season except preliminary games.

Games must be played within specified week although home match times may vary with clubs hosting more than one home team.

Any team not fulfilling the fixtures from the first round will not be eligible for the cup plate competition.

Any court Fees are to be shared equally between home and away teams.

Handicap starting scores this season - TBC

Premier - Minus 15

Division 1 - Minus 5

Division 2 - Plus 3